A static specimen just won’t cut it.

I make fonts that challenge you to set your work apart by going beyond the generic workhorses and confronting the unique visual and technical demands of your text. Whether it’s reinterpreting a forgotten style or solving a typographic problem, I always try to integrate specificity into my work, not to mention good craftsmanship and a dash of the unexpected.

But that’s really hard to demonstrate with the ‘traditional’ PDF specimen!

Over time, I’ve recruited (and instigated) friends of mine—designers, engineers, artists, and even other typographers—to reinterpret my works in ways that could demonstrate the little (and the BIG) details.

This page collects all of them, and I hope you have as much fun exploring them as we did making them.

PS: If you (or someone you know) enjoys experimenting with new typefaces, consider Font of the Month Club!